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Mauricio offers over ten years of experience as a corporate speaker for all of your entertainment and productivity needs. Whether it’s a corporate celebration to ease the tension of a long conference or training your team, Mauricio has you covered.

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Mentalism Show

Corporate entertainment at its best. This show consists of pure entertainment and demonstrations of the art of Mentalism. This includes body language reading, lie detection, bending spoons and forks, predictions and reading the audience’s mind. His seemingly impossible feats of mind control and mind over matter open the minds of everyone present. Spectators become witness to a unique and amazing experience that they’ve never seen before. Available in segments of 20, 40 and 60 minutes, depending on your needs.

  • Mauricio’s most sought after show.
  • Corporate events are fully customizable to include your company’s logo, slogans or other ideas.
  • Full audience interaction.
  • Subliminal surprises.
  • Doesn’t ridicule audience members or their intelligence.
  • Can be transformed into a walk around show, with Mauricio approaching people close up, when a stage is not available.
Corporate Events Mentalist

Mind Hacking Conference

In this show/conference, Mauricio presents a series of mind mysteries involving the hacking of the human brain and how we are more predictable than we imagine and how to use that to our advantage. In a span of three hours (plus breaks), the audience will learn all about ways of hacking their own minds and learning the positive ways to persuade others. This involves the whole audience and is a fun way to learn as well, since Mauricio will be performing a few of these demonstrations in order to explain the process.

  • No one is left out.
  • An entertaining reflection and study on how our minds can be modified through very easy techniques.
  • Easy to set up in any office or event venue, corporate events can be flexible with this conference.
  • Not your usual conference full of slides and talking heads; lots of action here.
Corporate Event Entertainer

Memory and Body Language

In the first half of the presentation, spectators witness a complete demonstration of super memory and are in turn taught special techniques and motivated to increase their productivity and use their mind more efficiently. The second half is dedicated to entertaining everyone with the same psychological techniques used in the regular Mentalism show. Mauricio hands every person in assistance a manual designed by him so they can learn to read body language, detect lies and persuade, all within a span of four hours with breaks. People at your event will leave very inspired and ready to change their normal way of thinking.

  • Includes PDF to take home and study.
  • Full audience interaction.
  • Entertaining and dynamic.
  • Demonstrations are performed beforehand to show how these things can truly be done.
Mauricio Jaramillo Corporate Events

Trade shows

Want your trade show booth to be the most popular? Mauricio will ensure that your stand is always full of people, generating hundreds of quality leads for your company. Mauricio uses many specialized techniques to make this happen. This can be done successfully for clients in fluent English and Spanish.

  • Any booth size is possible.
  • Mauricio will work to make your specific message stand out.
  • Mentalism’s psychological and visual flair will get people curious about your booth or room.
  • Via specific techniques, your client’s info is guaranteed to be part of the process, so you can obtain quality leads.
Trade Show

Do you have special requirements?

Let us know how we can make your corporate events as perfect as possible, Mauricio will go far and beyond to create the event of your dreams. Just ask!

What clients say:

Mauricio Jaramillo has the wow factor we were looking for. A breeze to work with and we definitely look forward to his brand of mentalism again.

Dustin Farwell

HR Manager, CAC Lawyers

Our event could not have been any better, this man is dangerous!

Eduardo James Restrepo

CFO, Olmos & Cia. SAS

Mauricio’s show was wonderful! Our marketing team loved his work and learned a lot!

Sigfried Ruiz

Director, Ruiz LLC

Just a few of Mauricio’s clients: