Let Mauricio Jaramillo expand your mind through storytelling and mental voyages

Mauricio Jaramillo is an entertainer performing as a mentalist and keynote speaker. Using a blend of psychological mind control and hypnosis, the impossible becomes real. Find out more about Mauricio’s abilities, his life and what he can do for your corporate and private gatherings. Whether your event is for 10 or 1000 people, he will use different methodologies to achieve your goals.

Transform your next event into something unique and memorable! Mauricio offers a lifetime of stories, special abilities and knowledge to be shared with the public. Demonstrations of super memory, shattering light bulbs, plucking PIN codes and personal thoughts out of people’s heads and using mass suggestion to persuade a whole audience are just a few of the things everyone will experience.

Mauricio Jaramillo

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Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Captivate your audience’s interests with an innovative show.

Private Events

Private Events

Mind blowing experiences to boost your next event.

Personalized Events

Personalized Events

Personalized mind bending experiences that fit all your needs.


Mauricio Jaramillo has the wow factor we were looking for. A breeze to work with and we definitely look forward to his brand of mentalism again.

Dustin Farwell

HR Manager, CAC Lawyers

Our event could not have been any better, this man is dangerous!

Eduardo James Restrepo

CFO, Olmos & Cia. SAS

Mauricio’s show was wonderful! Our marketing team loved his work and learned a lot!

Sigfried Ruiz

Director, Ruiz LLC

Just a few of Mauricio’s clients: